Michael Ervin

Manager, Sales


NMLS ID# 282715

Office: 650.451.7797   

Mobile: 650.766.8500

Fax: 855.202.5894

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Entering the mortgage industry in 1992, Mike has grown a passion for helping home buyers and home owners with their financial needs. He was led into this industry by his first career as a realtor thus achieving a unique perspective. He is a native of San Francisco, which gives him a first-hand experience and knowledge of the Bay area economy and real estate unlike anyone else can offer.


“Always putting my client’s needs first has allowed me to grow my business by referrals only. These referrals have allowed me the time to put my energy into getting my clients’ the best rates and programs available,” says Mike. His success in the industry is attributed by his clients. His words to you, as someone looking to seek home financing are as follows:


I love working with home buyers. My goal is to make the purchase experience easy and stress-free for my clients. All the upheaval in a home buyer's life is enough - packing, moving, changing utilities and my personal worst, a new day care provider - you just don't need a stressful mortgage process! The same is true to a lesser degree for people who are refinancing. My first priority is to make sure my clients are presented with all available options, allowing them to make an informed decision, that’s right for their financial situation

-Mike Ervin


The W.J Bradley team and I work with each client to determine the best mortgage program for your individual situation, taking into account both the short and long term impact to your overall wealth creation goals. We also communicate with you throughout the process so that you are always aware of what's going on with your loan application. Plus we follow up with you after closing. I'm in your life for not only the intense period of time when you're getting a mortgage, but as your personal mortgage professional for life.


On the personal side, I live in Pacifica with my wife Karen, son Zach, daughter Aly and 2 dogs. I enjoy scuba diving, skiing and cooking meals for friends and family. I am former commissioner of Pacifica's Parks, Beaches & Recreation and have served on the Pacifica Economic Development Committee. I am a proud sponsor of Pacificans Care; a community based non-profit organization.

You can also view my video bio here:


Begin the home loan application process now, or if you have questions before getting started, contact me today.

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W.J. Bradley Mortgage Capital (W.J. Bradley) has a growing reputation along the Colorado Front Range
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Howard Michalski, Executive Managing Director for W.J. Bradley, has been published in The MReport Ju
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For the third consecutive year, W.J. Bradley has ranked among 2014 Top Mortgage Lenders by Scotsman
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DENVER -- W.J. Bradley Mortgage Capital, LLC (W.J. Bradley), a privately held mortgage banking firm,
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This spring, changes in credit and debt status are affecting the way people look at homeownership. I
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The deadline for lenders to implement the new Truth in Lending Act (TILA) and the Real Estate Settle
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DENVER, COLO. -- W.J. Bradley Mortgage Capital, LLC (W.J. Bradley), a privately-held mortgage bankin
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The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed the Mortgage Choice Act of 2015 with a 286-140 vot
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There's good news for consumers considering looking for their first home - the Federal Housing Admin
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Millennials, or those born after 1980, are disrupting just about every institution they become invol
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You don’t have to face the prospect of buying a home for the first time as if it were a constant cha
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“Without a smooth closing, a customer can forget everything else you’ve done for them.” Throughout S
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W.J. Bradley's Vice President of Servicing, Scott Brown, has been published in Mortgage Servicing Ne
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DENVER, COLO. — W.J. Bradley Mortgage Capital, LLC (W.J. Bradley), a privately held mortgage banking
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The benefits of VA financing 100% financing; $0 down! Closing costs and pre-paid items can be paid b
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DENVER -- W.J. Bradley Mortgage Capital, LLC (W.J. Bradley), a privately-held mortgage banking firm,
23 December 2014
In many of the nation’s larger markets, homes continue to sell quickly, at or above listing price. W
18 December 2014
DENVER -- W.J. Bradley Mortgage Capital, LLC (W.J. Bradley), a privately-held mortgage banking firm,
17 December 2014
Secondary Marketing Executive's November/December issue features "Putting the Secondary Market Back
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As the year comes to an end, November brought some encouraging news for the US economy. Indeed, the
11 December 2014
DENVER -- W.J. Bradley Mortgage Capital, LLC (W.J. Bradley), a privately-held mortgage banking firm,
10 December 2014
The homebuying process is already a complex process—don’t add any unnecessary obstacles to your path
03 December 2014
When purchasing a new home its important to understand the impact your credit score (or FICO®) can h
14 November 2014
As the second month of Q4 begins, it appears as though the housing market rebound has reached somewh
01 November 2014
ColoradoBiz recently released its annual 'Top 250 Private Companies' list, recognizing W.J. Bradley
17 October 2014
W.J. Bradley was recently ranked no. 2 on Denver Business Journal's (DBJ) list of 'Fastest Growing P
16 October 2014
W.J. Bradley today announced its recognition as no. 2 in Tier I on Denver Business Journal’s (DBJ) a
12 September 2014
W.J. Bradley's Michael Kime was recently featured in Progress In Lending's 'Executive Spotlight.' Th
08 September 2014
Buying a home may be the most exciting and intimidating financial transaction you will ever experien
04 September 2014
Global cloud consultancy, Appirio, recently spoke with W.J. Bradley's CIO, Stephen Francis, to discu
06 August 2014
Following the announcement of W.J. Bradley's WJB | ONE portfolio and its Non-Warrantable Condo finan
21 July 2014
Today, in many urban areas, people are turning to the condo market for their residential needs. In 2
15 July 2014
DENVER, COLO. —— W.J. Bradley Mortgage Capital, LLC (W.J. Bradley), a privately-held mortgage bankin
01 July 2014
National Mortgage News Reporter, Kate Berry, recently spoke with W.J. Bradley Chief Operating Office
01 July 2014
HousingWire Magazine Reporter, Ben Lane, recently profiled CEO, Bill Bradley, to hear the story of h
26 June 2014
National Mortgage Professional Senior Editor, Phil Hall, reported on recent findings that illustrate
19 June 2014
DENVER, COLO. — W.J. Bradley Mortgage Capital, LLC (W.J. Bradley), a privately-held mortgage banking
17 June 2014
More than six months after the QM Rule went into effect, W.J. Bradley Chief Operating Officer, Micha
15 June 2014
Beyond the mid-year mark and with the Independence Day festivities now behind us, let’s take a momen
04 June 2014
The 2014 Memorial Day weekend was a time of remembrance, reflection and honor. In the midst of every
03 June 2014
DENVER –– W.J. Bradley Mortgage Capital, LLC (W.J. Bradley), a privately held mortgage banking firm,
02 June 2014
For the second consecutive year, Scotsman Guide released its list of 'Top Lenders' and recognized W.
29 May 2014
Chief Operating Officer, Michael Kime, recently spoke to The New York Times reporter, Lisa Prevost,
22 May 2014
Reuters reporter, Joy Wiltermuth, sat down with W.J. Bradley COO, Michael Kime, earlier this week to
12 May 2014
DENVER -- W.J. Bradley Mortgage Capital, LLC (W.J. Bradley), a privately-held mortgage banking firm,
01 May 2014
DENVER -- W.J. Bradley Mortgage Capital, LLC (W.J. Bradley), a privately held mortgage banking firm,
24 April 2014
DENVER -- W.J. Bradley Mortgage Capital, LLC (W.J. Bradley), a privately held mortgage banking firm,
24 April 2014
W.J. Bradley Mortgage Capital, LLC (W.J. Bradley) announced today that its Temecula branch has been
17 April 2014
The W.J. Bradley Florida team recently attended a ribbon cutting ceremony hosted by the Bonita Sprin
10 April 2014
National Mortgage News editor, Brad Finkelstein, recently spoke with W.J. Bradley's Howard Michalski
08 April 2014
DENVER -- W.J. Bradley Mortgage Capital, LLC (W.J. Bradley), a privately held mortgage banking firm,
07 April 2014
DENVER – W.J. Bradley Mortgage Capital, LLC (W.J. Bradley) announced today that it has integrated an
18 March 2014
DENVER — W.J. Bradley Mortgage Capital, LLC (W.J. Bradley) announced today that it has released a ne
06 March 2014
DENVER — W.J. Bradley Mortgage Capital, LLC (W.J. Bradley), a privately-held mortgage banking firm,
26 February 2014
For the third consecutive year, W.J. Bradley has been listed among the Top 100 Mortgage Companies in
18 February 2014
As published each year by Mortgage Executive Magazine, W.J. Bradley is pleased to announce the three
11 February 2014
Brad Finkelstein, editor for Origination News, recently spoke with W.J. Bradley's Howard Michalski a
13 December 2013
W.J. Bradley today announced its Arizona branches have been recognized by Phoenix Business Journal a
29 October 2013
W. J. Bradley COO, Michael Kime, presents thoughts on MSRs strategies at MBA's 100th Annual Conventi
09 October 2013
President of the W.J. Bradley Mortgage Capital, LLC broker dealer subsidiary (W.J. Bradley Financial
03 October 2013
W. J. Bradley Mortgage Capital, LLC (W.J. Bradley), a Colorado-based mortgage banking firm, today an
01 October 2013
In this story from Housing Wire about how the nearing qualified mortgage (QM) rules could impact the
01 October 2013
W. J. Bradley ranks no. 17 on the 2013 ColoradoBiz list of Top 250 private companies headquartered i
01 October 2013
In October, HousingWire published, 'The REFI Cushion,' a written contribution by W.J. Bradley Financ
11 July 2013
Amilda Dymi with National Mortgage News reports on an interview with Michael Kime, W. J. Bradley COO
14 June 2013
Kent Usell with W. J. Bradley Mortgage Capital, LLC broker dealer subsidiary, W. J. Bradley Financia
06 May 2013
Having recently been approved to underwrite mortgage-backed securities, W.J. Bradley Financial Servi
06 May 2013
W. J. Bradley Mortgage Capital, LLC, a Colorado-based mortgage banking firm, today announced the acq
03 May 2013
Mortgage lender W. J. Bradley Mortgage is launching a broker-dealer unit that would deal in a range
01 May 2013
W. J. Bradley Mortgage Capital, LLC (W.J. Bradley), a privately held mortgage banking firm, today an
01 April 2013
Scotsman Guide recently published its 2012 Top Originators list that recognizes the country’s leadin
01 April 2013
In its eighth consecutive year of growth in size and revenue, W. J. Bradley receives national indust
01 October 2012
As a testament to the company’s exceptional growth, W. J. Bradley Mortgage Capital, LLC is no. 24 in

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